Product Details - HEW TABLES

Last update November 27, 2020 Effective date November 27, 2020


For the Hew Side Table Collection, designer Pat Kim created a family of whimsical forms that each have a distinct personality.


  • Solid wood side tables
  • Variety of designs available
  • Two distinct finishes

Overall Dimensions (mm)

Design A: 330 mm (h) x 445 mm (w) x 381 mm (d)
Design B: 381 mm (h) x 318 mm (w) x 318 mm (d)
Design C: 419 mm (h) x 318 mm (w) x 318 mm (d)
Design D: 457 mm (h) x 362 mm (w) x 318 mm (d)
Design E: 502 mm (h) x 413 mm (w) x 413 mm (d)

Product Weight (kg)

Design A: 23kg
Design B: 15.8kg
Design C: 14kg
Design D: 21.7kg
Design E: 16.8kg


Fully assembled


1 Year