Product Details - EMBODY

Last update August 22, 2022 Effective date August 22, 2022


The Embody work chair is the modern benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and healthy movement. Instead of locking you into the seat, this modern ergonomic office chair combines active and passive ergonomics to encourage effortless long-term sitting. Its signature spinal design lets you manually fine-tune the fit to your back while the matrix of pixels in the seat and back automatically conform to your micro-movements.


  • The instinctive back design is inspired by the structure of the human spine. It offers passive support to the sacral, lumbar, and thoracic regions of the user's back.
  • The design features a frameless, narrow back shape that promotes freedom of movement for the user's arms, neck, and shoulders.
  • Pixelated Support conforms to your micro-movements and eliminates pressure buildup, while simultaneously moving heat away from the body.
  • Narrow back promotes correct posture while allowing the freedom to move.
  • Breathable seat with four support layers.
  • Pneumatic seat lift and adjustable armrests.
  • PVC-free and made of 42% recycled materials.

Overall Dimensions (mm)

1067–1143 mm (H) x 749 mm (W) x 381–457 mm (D)

Max Capacity (kg)

136 kg


Comes fully assembled