Product Details - Luva Modular Sofa

Last update February 28, 2024 Effective date February 28, 2024

Fold up, down, or reconfigure as you please. The Luva Modular Armchair presents timeless beauty in an inventive form. Created by designer Gabriel Tan, Luva is a case study for probing at the intersections of art, design, and culture. The chair's elemental form is inspired by the soft-rolled tops of Japanese futons and the padded tactility of a boxing glove. Luva (Portuguese for “glove”) can close into a “fist” for supportive sitting or unfold for relaxed repose. Available as a sectional, chaise, armchair, and more, you can choose a pre-set configuration or create your own with individual sections and connective brackets, sold separately.


  • Designed for dual functionality, the back expands for relaxed lounging or folds down for a supportive seat.
  • Distinct billowy form is inspired by both boxing gloves and Japanese futons.
  • Upholstered in natural textiles and leathers that accentuate organic lines.
  • Available as an armchair, chaise, sofa, sectional, and more.

Comes fully assembled