Verus Chair

Verus Chair

Comfort and ergonomic support at an attainable price

Sacral Back Support
Black Base and Frame
Shale Suspension Finish
2 1/2" hard caster, black yoke, carpet only
Cosmo Black Fabric
Interweave 2 Suspension Back
Standard-height Adjustment
Self adj. tilt with 4P tilt limiter
Fully adjustable arms
Adjustable seat depth

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Comfort and ergonomic support at an attainable price

Verus redefines what an affordable work chair can be. Efficiently designed and engineered to assure ergonomic alignment and support, it gives people both instant and all-day comfort at an equally comfortable price.

  • A Seating Family for Any Setting Verus

    A Seating Family for Any Setting

    The ergonomic comfort and attainable price of the Verus Chair feature an upholstered seat with the choice of either a suspension, upholstered, or Triflex back. Verus has a quiet aesthetic that lends itself to nearly any workplace design.

  • Versatile Form Verus

    Versatile Form

    Verus has a versatile design that flexes easily to any workplace aesthetic. Its quiet form comes in a range of colors and fabrics and includes the option for a suspension, upholstered, or Triflex back.

  • Ergonomic Support that’s Affordable for All Verus

    Ergonomic Support that’s Affordable for All

    Verus’s built-in sacral reinforcement keeps the spine properly aligned, and options for adjustable lumbar support add comfort and stability for total spinal support. Tilt provides balanced motion through a range of posture changes.

  • The Herman Miller Guarantee Verus

    The Herman Miller Guarantee

    Verus is guaranteed to work as hard as the people who use it: manufactured to our highest quality standards, Verus is backed by a 12-year, three-shift warranty

Verus™ Chair

General Dimensions

Verus™ Chair
Aeron Chair

Size/Fit Reference

Height: 39.3–43.3" , Width: 26.3–28", Depth: 25.3–25.8"

Seat Height: 17.1–21.2" , Seat Depth: 15.5–18.3" 

Seat Width: 19.6", Arm Height: 7.6–11.4"

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12-years, 3-shifts
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Care & Maintenance

With regular care and maintenance, your Herman Miller product will provide many years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here.

The instructions for the care and maintenance of Herman Miller products are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary.


Base, Frame, TriFlex Back, Arms, and Armpads

Normal cleaning

Wash surface with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners.

Interweave 2 Suspension Materials, Upholstered Seat and Back

Normal cleaning

Vacuum fabric as needed using an upholstery attachment. Do not brush fabric or use a vacuum attachment with a rotary brush. Brushing may permanently damage the nap or change the character of the fabric.

Spot Cleaning

Immediately soak up the stain with a soft absorbent cloth. Do not dry the stain completely or it may set. The longer a stain is allowed to remain on a fabric, the more difficult it is to remove.

Water-based stains such as coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, or milk

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Oil-based stains such as lipstick, grease, or salad dressing

Use a dry cleaning solution applied with a damp clean cloth or sponge. Test the cleaning solution on a small, concealed area first. If there is no spotting, ringing, or damage to the fabric or its dyes, apply the cleaning solution to the soiled area with light, quick strokes. Begin at the outside of the stain and work toward the center, being careful not to over-saturate the fabric.

K2R is also a product that can be used. See product label for complete instructions. Do not over apply water or any liquid solution to fabric. Excessive wetting of the fabric with any liquid solution may result in permanent damage to the material. Do not rub too vigorously or you may damage the nap of the fabric or break fibers. Several light applications are better than one heavy application. Soak up all remaining solution and then use another clean cloth or sponge dipped in cool water to remove any residue. Let fabric dry thoroughly and then vacuum well before using. If the stain resists cleaning, contact a professional cleaner.

Large Areas

If large areas are soiled, contact a professional cleaning firm.