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Mirra 2 Chair

 Studio 7.5
Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, the seat and back adapt to you instantly. With dynamic surfaces that respond to your slightest movements and simple, intuitive adjustments to fine-tune the fit, this office chair balances immediate comfort and personalized ergonomics in one sophisticated design.

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Dark Turquoise Mirra 2 Chair

Lean, light, and as responsive as your own shadow

The designers at Studio 7.5 set out to create a high-performing office chair that supports people who work in a constant state of motion. The result is Mirra 2, a leaner, lighter, sophisticated design with an athletic attitude and plenty of opportunities for personalization.

The office chair’s emphasis on performance is readily visible. The Butterfly Back, a hybrid structure that merges a fabric layer with polymer veins, makes the chair more responsive, while bringing visual lightness to any environment.

Studio 7.5 Team

Making Every Molecule Count

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  • Support in Motion

    Support in Motion

    Support for seated movement starts with a flexible, yet supportive chair that allows your body to move freely and naturally. Mirra 2’s Loop Spine provides torsional flex, allowing you to stretch and reach laterally, while the Harmonic 2 tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel as you recline.

  • Butterfly Back or TriFlex

    Butterfly Back or TriFlex

    Two back options help Mirra 2 work for a variety of people and applications. The ultra-responsive Butterfly Back results from inventing a method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins to create a dynamic hybrid structure that acts like a suspension membrane. The TriFlex back meets more rigorous cleaning protocols because there is no fabric layer.

  • PostureFit Support

    PostureFit Support

    Both Mirra 2 back options offer passive PostureFit sacral support which tilts your hips slightly forward to maintain proper spine alignment. And both are ventilated to keep you cool, as well as supported, no matter how active you are.

  • A Balanced Recline

    A Balanced Recline

    Mirra 2’s Harmonic 2 tilt, with its responsive leaf-spring design, creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one posture to another, whatever your size or stature—from 90 to 350 pounds.

  • Form Celebrates Function

    Form Celebrates Function

    The lean design of Mirra 2 brings a sophisticated profile and visual lightness to any space. An emphasis on performance is visible. The chair’s individual components and their function are apparent and celebrated, and vary accordingly in material and appearance.

  • Versatile Palette

    Versatile Palette

    As performance defines the look of the chair’s components, their coloration allows significant options for defining your chair’s overall aesthetic. Added selections for textiles, back loop and spine colors, and base finishes offer flexibility and encourage personalization.

The more people
move, the more they
need support that
moves with them.

Rethinking an Original

Ten years and over 1.5 million chairs later, the designers of Studio 7.5 believed it was time to evaluate and, if necessary, rethink their original design. For one thing, they noted, work is evolving. People move, and the more they're in motion, the more they need support that moves with them. Precisely because of the new agile way people work today, the designers found the idea of a highly individualized personal chair is still valid. So, Mirra 2 shares the same athletic attitude and intuitive adjustments of the original, but Studio 7.5 advanced the material and form of this idea in virtually every aspect.

Mirra 2 Chair Dynamic Back Support Illustration

Collaborative Design

Studio 7.5 believes that design is by its nature collaborative, and the solving of complex design problems requires many minds. The group, however, balances this cooperation with a good deal of skepticism: "prove your point or the idea is dead" remains a guiding principle, and one the designers applied to every aspect of Mirra 2.

Mirra 2 Chair in Home Office
Studio 7.5 Designing the Mirra 2 Chair

Testing Ideas, Full-Scale

Using full-scale models, the designers of Studio 7.5 test the validity of a design and its component parts. For Mirra 2, every piece received this tactile, real-world treatment until the most elegant solutions emerged. In designing the Mirra 2 Butterfly Back, the designers garnered valuable information from every iteration. This eventually led to an innovative new method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins to create exceptional responsiveness.

Mirra 2 Chair Materials Illustration

General Dimensions

  • H:965-1065"
  • H:405-520"
  • W:735"
  • D:635"
Mirra 2 Chair Dimensions Graphic

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