Avocado Sayl

Avovado Sayl

Designed with a nod to suspension bridges—and inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge—Sayl combines high style, responsive support, and pioneering environmental responsibility. Showcasing the geometry of its inspiration in its signature airy back, the Sayl Chair is everything a good office chair should be; comfortable, visually striking, and an exceptional value.


Fog base / White frame and Y tower
Studio White Back
Cosmo Avocado Fabric Seat
Fog Armpad
Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment
Fully Adjustable Arms
Adjustable Seat Depth
Non-Adjustable Back Support
2.5-inch Standard Carpet Casters

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Green Apple Sayl Chair Back

Fewer parts, less material, and still everything
a good chair should be

Good design, healthy support, and exceptional value are always attractive—and Sayl delivers all three. By using smart engineering to transform simple materials, we were able to make Sayl everything a good chair should be. Fewer parts and less material also mean a smaller environmental impact.

Sayl designer Yves Béhar and our development team considered and reconsidered every part of the chair—and, in the end, created a better, smarter chair that sets the reference point in its class for quality, performance, and design.

Yves Behar

"Not defined by boundaries."

Yves Béhar View Design Story
  • SBuilt-in PostureFit

    Built-in PostureFit

    The vertical and horizontal strands of Sayl’s 3D Intelligent suspension back provide passive PostureFit sacral support, which tilts your hips slightly forward to keep your spine in healthy alignment for improved posture and increased comfort.

  • An Array of Options

    An Array of Options

    From an optional lumbar support that can be adjusted vertically to fit the natural curve of your spine to fully adjustable arms, you have a choice of options that let you outfit your Sayl chair to match your preferences.

  • Responsible Design

    Responsible Design

    By applying the engineering principles of suspension bridges, designer Yves Béhar used less material in more inventive ways to provide ergonomic support for people up to 350 pounds (159 kg). Also, Sayl contains no PVCs, and its materials are almost entirely recyclable.

  • Expressive Character

    Expressive Character

    Sayl’s unframed back and Y-Tower support create a striking visual aesthetic that reveals both the designer’s inspiration and intent. An expressive color palette gives you plenty of options for personalizing your chair.

Celle Chair Cellular Suspension Back

Hundreds of tiny cells.

Achieving "an Outstanding Design"

Good and Beautiful

Designer Jerome Caruso has been called the "King of Cool," not because he's a hipster, but because he is and has been Sub-Zero's designer for more than two decades. He is responsible for the look of the company's entire line of luxury refrigeration units. Caruso studied design in the 1960s at the University of Copenhagen and was strongly influenced by the design style of the time. "Danish modern was all the rage," he says. "My primary inspirations are ergonomic and to invent something that is both a good concept and outstanding aesthetic."

Caruso doesn't limit his design talents to refrigerators, or the Celle Chair. The holder of nearly 100 patents, he has also worked on LCD electronics, two dozen Wolf stove appliances, and furniture.

Sitting causes pressure on bones and tissues. Celle was designed using pressure mapping to properly support your body without aggravating the body's pressure points.

Celle Chair Back Pressure Mapping Close Up of Celle Chair Cellular Back

The "Perfect" Chair

When asked in an interview what one thing he wanted to accomplish before he died, Caruso said, "The closest that I can get to the 'perfect' chair—an elegant solution that contributes real progress in terms of long-term support and comfort." Well, Celle isn't perfect—it's only 98 percent recyclable, after all—but we believe it comes close. Offering advanced ergonomic support, easy adjustability, and ecological sustainability, Celle provides an affordable and good-looking seating solution for the home office.

Chair Recline Graphic

From upright to reclined, your body stays in healthy alignment with Celle's Harmonic tilt.

Reaching the Peak

Designing the Celle chair was the "Mt. Everest of fun," he says. "At the beginning, I imagined a highly engineered, 'intelligent' surface that could be the ultimate in seating comfort. I envisioned hundreds of tiny 'cells'—each one consisting of a pad with spring-like loops that would both support and respond to different anatomical areas."

After working on his idea for two years, Caruso approached us with his concept. "I wanted to make a seat that was more flexible, had more variations, and had an outstanding design," he says. He wanted his design for Celle to update the look of the office chair, while ensuring that it contributed healthful, ergonomic support with inventions such as the Cellular Suspension system.

Celle Chair Materials Graphic Green Celle Chair

Celle's components are largely recyclable, so it will be around
in another form even after you’re finished using it.

General Dimensions

  • H:855 - 1035"
  • H:390-505"
  • W:620"
  • D:660"
SAYL Chair Dimensions Graphic

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1025" x 710" x 720"
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12-year, 3-shift
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